Who are you?

Hi! I’m Kirk Hamilton. I’m a writer, musician, and podcaster. I host the music podcast Strong Songs and co-host and produce the video game podcast Triple Click. You can find out more about me at my website, and I’m also on Twitter and Instagram.

I was a full-time writer and editor for the bulk of the 2010s. These days I spend my time making music and podcasts, but I still like having a low-key outlet for writing, which is where this newsletter comes in.

What is this newsletter?

“Kirk’s Notes” is my newsletter, which I currently send out about once a month. I’ve been writing it for a little over a year over on TinyLetter, and recently relocated to Substack.

In each issue, I share short essays, extra thoughts on recent podcast episodes and recordings I’ve made, links to articles, music recommendations, thoughts on games I’m playing, and more.

Why should I subscribe?

It’s free, infrequent, and I’ll probably tell you about some cool albums that you haven’t listened to. Sometimes I’ll also include photos of my dog. What’s the downside?

Will I have to pay for it?

Nah, not for the main newsletter. At some point I might add an optional paid subscription for something extra, but the main newsletter will remain as it’s been - a free, monthly communique from me full of stuff I think is cool or interesting.

If I’ve convinced you, sign up here!