There’s this saying, “The Internet is forever.” It’s usually said ruefully, in reference to an unfortunate high school photo or a bad tweet from 2009.
We're knee deep in September and 2021 already seems to be careening toward its end. Must be time for a newsletter!
Summer is well underway in my part of the world, and there’s so much good music to share. That must mean it’s newsletter time!
As this dark winter draws to a close, it’s hard to deny a feeling of... well, I don’t want to say hope, but that’s what it is. Hope! What a concept…
Hello all, As we sift through the wreckage in our news feeds and wonder how long the start of 2021 will remain indistinguishable from the hangover of…
Hello all, It’s a random Friday in November, that must mean… it’s newsletter time. Strong Merch, Now Available! At long last, the Strong Songs Store is…
Hello all, October seems to have gotten off to an uneventful start, so I figured now would be a good time to send out a newsletter. “Stick To Sports” I…
Well hello there, Substack. I’m doing my newsletter here now. For more about who I am and what the newsletter is about, visit my about page. If you…
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